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by Euripides.    translated by Robinson Jeffersd
directed by Nick Montesano

Part of the mission of NENAProductions Theater Project is to encourage the imaginative and societal importance of theater through plays and musicals. We know that live theater can explore and comment on issues that are currently affecting the human condition. With this in mind, we are moving forward to the full mainstage of The Medea Project.


Performances will take place Thursday through Saturday, March 9 – 11 at 7:30 PM and Sunday, March 12 at 3PM at the Palaia Theater of the Jersey Shore Arts Center at the entrance to Ocean Grove.


We are seeking 9 male-identifying, non-binary, and transmasculine actors, as well as two boys aged 6 to 9 to portray the characters in the play Medea. (The role of Medea has been cast.) Auditions will not be conducted live, but rather through a submission process.


Please email for audition form. Directions for submission/audition will be emailed to you. Direct any questions to the same email or call 732-513-7298.


Performances run March 9 -12, 2023. Rehearsals begin February 13, 2023.


Description of Characters


The Nurse – Medea’s nurse in childhood, now her devoted servant.

The Tutor – Elder, tutor to Medea’s children.

The Children – Two boys. (Ages 6 to 9)

Chorus – Three actors of various types to portray the Corinthians.

Creon – The ruler of Corinth

Jason – Famous hero and explorer, nearing middle age.

Aegeus – The ruler of Athens, visiting Corinth. Kindly person, a little older than Creon.

A Young Man – Attendant to Jason.

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